WA meetup

I was wondering if anyone is interested in meeting up in the state of Washington? I am hoping about the last week of April.
I will be moving a little North of Seattle and am hoping to get together with others.
If anyone is willing, please let me know by posting here or e-mailing me at
girls at alcohol

Phoenix Rising

Has anyone starting rumbling about a snarry meet-up for Phoenix Rising? I know snapetoy posted to the community, but as far as I know, no one's setting it up yet? If not, how do the people coming feel about Cafe Du Monde? It's open 24/7, has the most amazing delish beignets and coffee EVAR. Also its pleasant, a great place to just hang out. It's 6 blocks from the hotel - walkable - basically a straight shot down Decatur street to Jackson Square.

I was thinking it might be nice to organize something before the con starts, for people who are arriving a few days early to enjoy the city.